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Writer in Training

Introducing Tahani Nelson, author of The Last Faoii

 I'm delighted to feature this guest post from Tahani Nelson, author of The Last Faoii, crowdfunding now on Inkshares. I've checked out this book and pre-ordered my copy and I encourage you to take a look too. I hope that Tahani will join us again in the future but if you just can't wait, you can follow her blog at tahaninelson.wordpress.com A big thank-you to the lovely Shona Kinsella for letting me write this guest post. I am grateful for the support and excited about meeting new friends who love reading/writing as much as I do! Like Shona, I'm also working to crowd-fund my current fantasy novel The Last Faoii. I'm working through Inkshares, however, which is a little different than Unbound. So, I thought I'd use this opportunity to answer some FAQ's about both my book and Inkshares. Hopefully it will help any of you out there who are exploring different reading/publishing options. Ready? Here we go:

 Faoii cover

  1. What’s your book about? 

Well, here’s a summary that I was planning on putting on the back of the book:

Using both blade and magic, the women of the faoii have protected the people of Clearwall for generations. But when the long-banished croeli return to decimate the faoii temples at the behest of their own horned god, the citizens of Clearwall are caught in the middle of a war that they can’t control or escape. As the last of her Order, young Kaiya-faoii must learn to see beyond her own teachings’ shortcomings and protect the people she has sworn to serve–or watch them fall to treachery darker than even she realizes.  

Or maybe I’ll use this one. What do you guys think?

The faoii have protected Clearwall for generations. A close relationship with their Goddess and sisters has always allowed these women to maintain their temples and lands in peace and prosperity. So when the monastery of Kaiya-faoii is attacked by the long-vanished croeli, an ostracized nation seeking to reclaim their former glory, the faoii are caught unprepared and only young Kaiya-faoii is left alive. Forced to cope without the long-standing traditions of her Order, Kaiya travels across the country searching for others to help avenge the destruction of everything she’s ever known. The search brings Kaiya not only to other faoii that have survived the occupation, but to a secret she never wanted or dreamed of—an estranged brother. Fighting against a system that has kept them apart their entire lives and forced into a war at the heart of a broken empire, the siblings must evaluate the true meanings of enemy, betrayaland freedom—and the grey areas surrounding each.

  1. How do you pronounce “Faoii?”

Good Question! In my head the female conjugation “oii” makes a “yee” sound. So it would be “fa-yee,” “cler-yee,” “pre-yee,” etc. However, every single one of my beta readers said they pronounced it as “fay-o-ee,” “cler-o-ee,” and so on. Since it’s the readers that are making this book happen, I think I have to go with their pronunciation, right?

  1. Can I read some of the book before I make a decision?

Of course! I wouldn’t want you to spend your hard-earned money if you weren’t completely sure it was worth it. I’ve posted the first three chapters on my book’s site. Just click this link (inkshares.com/books/the-last-faoii) and scroll down until you see Chapter I (it’s right in your browser– no need to download anything).

  1. Why did you decide to go with Inkshares rather than more traditional publishing?

Because I believe in people. I trust the people that will become my readers, and I want them to be the reason I make this book into a reality. At the end of the day I don’t want to say that I owe everything to luck, or to an agent, or to a deity. I want to say that I owe everything to the people that supported me from the beginning. And repay them by writing things they love.

  1. But you were looking for an agent last year. What changed?

A few things, actually. I was completely new to the publishing world when I started searching for an agent early last year. I didn’t realize how many uncontrollable things could affect my chances to find representation. An agent having too many clients, another author who writes similar works–even if an agent happens to read my query on an off day– all these things result in a big, fat “no.” But the main thing that made me start looking for alternative publishing was this quote: “Young Adult readers won’t connect with a group of heroines without a male love interest.” Really? Really? What year is this?

So… yeah. I decided to go this route because I think that readers know what they want to read. So they should be the ones who help me get The Last Faoii published.

  1. What if you’re incorrect and you don’t get enough funding for publication?

Then everyone gets their money back. No loss to anyone. But, really. Let’s not be negative. I believe in people, and I believe that their love of strong heroines, good writing, and helping other people reach their goals. So this book is going to happen. I’m sure of it.

  1. What do the characters look like?

Uh… Like this? Below you’ll find Faoii-Kaiya, Faoii-Lyn, and Croeli-Tendaji.

(There’s a reason I write instead of draw. Though I’m pretty proud of Lyn here.)

  1. How much does the book cost?

$20.00 for a signed paperback copy and $10.00 for an e-book. If you're in Europe you can use paypal to convert from Euros to US dollars. I think the euro is worth more than the dollar right now, so it should be less than the $10 and $20.

  1. How many pre-orders do you need to get published?

I need 250 pre-orders for select publishing (meaning everyone who pre-ordered gets theirs) and 750 for mass-publication (meaning it’ll show up in bookstores)! So PLEASE share with everyone you know. Several times. At least. I’ll love you forever.

  1. I’m intrigued! How do I pre-order my signed copy?

Why, by clicking HERE of course!

So there you go. My top ten most Frequently Asked Questions! Have something else you want to know? Post your questions here and I 100% promise to answer them! Thanks for being so supportive! We’ll see this book become a reality yet.

Love always, T