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Writer in Training

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The last month has been hectic. The weekend after Fantasycon, I attended the first ever Loch Lomond Comic Con, where I was selling copies of Ashael Riisng. The event was a great success and I met some brilliant people. I hope to attend again in the future. 

Then my two youngest kids were sick, the baby being particularly unwell. Of course, I caught it too so we were all feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. 

Round about all of that, I wrote and edited a novella for an open submissions period. Which was a good warm up for NaNoWriMo which starts today. It is my intention to spend this month trying to write 50,000 words of The Vessel of KalaDene Book 2. Hopefully my children will cooperate by being healthy all month! I'm likely to continue to be quiet here over the coming month since I'll be saving all my words for KalaDene but hopefully I'll have some good news for you by December.

If you haven't pledged for Borrowed yet then now is the time. There's going to be an extra special reward story available only to pledgers and a competition to feature in a special bonus story, written to your prompt. Check out all the details at www.unbound.com/books/borrowed