Writer in Training


Writer in Training

Status Update

I've been neglecting this blog recently and that makes me sad. The fact is that I just don't have enough hours in the day for all of the things that I'm trying to do. So I'm spending some time looking at my priorities and deciding how to go forward from here.

Obviously, my first priority has to be my family. Since I have young children, that may just mean that I can't be as organised as I would like. Any schedule I come up with is really only as good as it fits around them.

Them I have to focus on the writing that pays, whether that's the books or my Patreon page. That's just common sense.

For me, the blog comes next. You see, I really enjoy writing to this blog. I enjoy the conversations and community that have come out of it. I love having somewhere to talk about the books I'm reading as well as the ones that I'm writing.

I think housework probably has to come in this slot. I mean, the laundry won't do itself - as much as I wish it would!

I have to make time for social media but I think I need to be structured in my approach to it. Otherwise I lose an hour on Twitter reading other people's posts without saying anything productive myself...

In amongst all that I have to find time for promotional activity for the work already published. As well as arranging more live events. I really enjoyed the reading that I did last year but it's tricky fitting things like that in around my kids and all of their commitments. I'm working on it though! I'm hoping to get a few things set up over the summer when there aren't so many clubs etc on for the kids.


I took some time off Patreon earlier this year because I couldn't fit everything in but now that the baby is getting into more of a routine, I plan to start it up again at the beginning of June. So if you'd like extra Flash Fiction, exclusive access to deleted scenes, first drafts, early information and even a monthly video chat,  check it out and sign up today.