Writer in Training


Writer in Training

Petra MacDonald and the Queen of the Fae

On the first day of Fantasycon 2017, at the end of September, I heard that one of my favourite small presses, Fox Spirit, was opening submissions for the month of October. I knew I had to submit something. The only problem? I had nothing to submit.

So as soon as I got home, I set myself a challenge - to write and revise a novella in a month. I had the idea all ready to go and a very, very loose outline. So I got to work. I got up at 5am most days to write for an hour before I started my usual day and worked every evening until at least 9. I finished the first draft on around the 15th of October, got some feedback from wonderful friends who were able to give me a quick turnaround and submitted with three days to spare.

In January I got the email I had been desperately hoping for - an acceptance from Fox Spirit. I am delighted to say that Petra MacDonald and the Queen of the Fae is now available for purchase. To celebrate, Iā€™m running a competition:

petra comp.jpg