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Writer in Training

Interview with Tiffany Current


Today I'm excited to welcome Tiffany Current to the blog, author of My Maker's Keeper, released today! Welcome, Tiffany!


1) Are you a full time author or do you have another job as well and how  do you fit in writing time?

I’m a part-time writer. My day job is in online marketing, so I have to squeeze in writing time at night.


2) Do you write your novel daily or do you try to have days off?

When I’m in the writing stage of the novel, I do try to write every day. I feel like if I take one day off, it becomes a slippery slope to not writing at all!


3) Do you go back to published books and want to change them in any way?

Yes! I feel like that’s how it is with any writer. Sometimes I go back and read my stuff and think I really could’ve used a different word here or there. But if I gave into that feeling, I wouldn’t finish anything.


4) What do you think is the most effective marketing for your books?

I think social media is a great tool for marketing books. It’s a good way to reach new readers and authors. I think it’s nice having this virtual base of people that I’ve never seen, but somehow connect with.


5) If you have a ‘baddy’ in your book, can you tell us a little about this character?

There is a villain in my book, but I have to keep that under lock and key so I won’t ruin the story.


6) Is there any romance in your story and if so can you tell us a little about this?

Yes, there’s actually a bit of a love triangle. The lead, Hannah, falls for a local boy, Jackson. But when her maker, Lucas, comes to town, she can’t help be attracted to him too.


7) Do you ever write sad scenes and do you feel the sadness as you write it?

I do write sad scenes, or specifically, characters that experience sad moments in their lives. Sometimes those emotions do carry over to me, but I think that’s natural. You have to be able to feel emotions in order to describe them.


8) Did you write as a child or did you come into your talent as an adult?

I started writing when I was a kid, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was older.


9) Is your world in your book like earth or is it a fantasy world?

In My Maker’s Keeper, they’re definitely in the real world. It just happens to have vampires who keep their identities hidden from humans.


10) What is the time period setting of your latest book?

It’s takes place today.


11) Do you prefer writing a series or one off books?

For me, it’s a mix. Sometimes it’s nice to finish a book and be done with it. But every once in a while you fall in love with a character and want to stick with them.


12) Do you like to use lots of subplots or do you think just confuses readers?

I always try to include at least 1-2 subplots, so there’s something else pushing the story forward.


13) Can you tell us a little about one of the sub plots in your latest book?

In my book, My Maker’s Keeper, Hannah is trying to figure out why vampires are going missing in her hometown. And more specifically, who’s taking them.


14) Can you tell us a little about your protagonist and your antagonist and how they relate to each other?

The protagonist is Hannah. She’s this nice, but slightly self-conscious girl who was turned into a vampire against her will. Now she’s just trying to survive and stay under the radar so no one finds out what she really is. As for an antagonist, Hannah has a couple, but I’ll let you discover those on your own.


15) How do you think you would feel if you received a really bad review that seemed justified?

Well, if it’s justified, all you can do is take the constructive criticism and use it for the next book.


16) Do you think all readers should do reviews to help the writers improve?

As a writer, I would have to say yes. Ha! But ultimately, you should only write a review if you really want to.


17) When you receive reviews do you find yourself influenced to make changes?

Sometimes I do, because I really want people to enjoy my book. Unfortunately, you can’t make everyone happy. So write the best product you can and stand behind it.


Tiffany Current earned her Bachelor's degree in dramatic writing from Drexel University. She writes paranormal, young adult, urban fantasy, and self-help books. Her new paranormal vampire romance novel, My Maker's Keeper, is being released fall 2016.

In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys reading books, watching trashy action movies, and pestering her cat.

Visit her at:

Website: http://www.tiffanycurrent.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TiffanyCurrentAuthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tiffanycurrent

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tiffany-Current/e/B005DOMVI2


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