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Review - Face of Glass by Damon Wakes


I recently was given the chance to read Face of Glass by Damon L. Wakes. Now, in the interest of transparency, I was given a copy of this book by Damon, in exchange for an honest review. From Amazon: In ancient days when the island was new, the three elements—Mountain, Sun and Moon—came to threaten Man. One by one, the hero SutaKe challenged these great figures, and with his cunning conquered them. The island now is ruled by Man alone, and SutaKe’s legend lives on through the ages. But when a foreign merchant brings a new element—Steel—to the shores of the island, legends alone are not enough to resist it. A young slave, ParuMe, seizes the chance to claim an ancient power, and with it his freedom. However, this power comes at a terrible price: it threatens everything he had hoped to gain.

I loved everything about this book. Set amongst a stone-age tribe on an island, the world-building is superb and refreshing. So much of modern fantasy is based around medieval Europe and I love having the opportunity to read something different.

The attention to detail really does the book credit. I especially liked the naming conventions used in the tribe. Such as small detail tells us so much about the culture and characters.

ParuMe faces one challenge after another, each one posing a greater threat to his people and his freedom. The story is well paced, moving towards a very satisfying conclusion. I can heartily recommend this book to fantasy fans.

Damon is currently crowd-funding his next novel through Unbound - you can check it out here. It's an Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery set in space, called Ten Little Astronauts and it's on my to-pledge list for after payday.