Writer in Training



I am currently working on an anthology with some other Unbound authors where all of the stories will have a connection to a library. I will be both contributing to and editing the anthology so lots of work! I hope to have the anthology ready to begin crowdfunding with Unbound by Autumn. The anthology will feature a variety of genres and writing styles. It's a very exciting project!

May Update - The first draft of the Anthology is complete and I can't wait to get this book out there - I'm very fortunate to be a part pf such a talented group of writers.


The Longest Night

My other current project is a novella started in November called The Longest Night. It features a tribe living in the arctic area of their world during the longest night of the year. It's flowing really well just now and I expect to have finished the first draft by the end of March. I haven't yet decided whether to submit this to publishers or self-publish.

May Update - I hit a wall with this when I got to roughly the hallway point and couldn't see how to continue. I think I've got it now though and should be able to get back to it soon.


The Vessel of KalaDene Book Two

I've been making notes and letting the story percolate and I'm almost ready to start writing book two. I plan to start it when I finish writing The Longest Night although my work on it will be interrupted at points as the anthology progresses. I'm hoping to have a draft ready to submit to Unbound before the end of the year but that's a very loose plan at the moment.